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Hotel Saccardi for a more sustainable future

Hotel Saccardi & Spa has decided to embark on a more sustainable path for future generations and the Planet.


Maintaining the main objective which is the satisfaction of all our customers, we want to involve them in sustainable tourism, because we are aware that we too, in our small way, can make a difference.

  • We have removed the single serve soap bars from all rooms.

  • We have eliminated the plastic bottles from the minibar in the rooms, replacing them with recyclable glass bottles.

  • We are gradually replacing the single-serving courtesy set with wall-mounted solutions to reduce plastic consumption.

  • The paper used in common services and for internal communications is 100% recycled.

  • We are committed to making the surrounding environment greener: we plant new trees, flowers and plants to help the ecosystem.

  • We focus on local and km0 products, buying from local producers and the excellence of the Veneto Region.

  • We collaborate with local artists and exhibit their works in the common areas.

  • We have installed columns for recharging electric vehicles to facilitate their circulation.

  • At guests' disposal we have a shuttle bus to the center of Verona and to the airport, so that the private car can be leaved at the Hotel to reduce the Co2 emissions.

  • We are committed to planting trees through Treedom, to make up for our CO2 emissions.

  • Hotel Saccardi boasts the Electric Friendly certification of Motus-e. It is also present in the first guide written by eV-Now! in collaboration with Witaly and the Italian Touring Club dedicated to accommodation facilities suitable for electric travellers.


Treedom Hotel Saccardi
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