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Marica, the wellness artist, as she defines herself, is a young and dynamic girl, who has always been passionate about travel and body care. With experience and the evolution of her treatments, she discovered hidden qualities and curiosities, which allowed her to grow and improve day by day.


His studies began in 2012 with a first and second level massage course. Since then she has always updated herself on well-being. He undertook the draining and connective tissue massage course and then entered the world of cupping, taping and Dien Chan.

In 2018 he fell in love with Reiki and uses it to help people find their energetic balance.


In 2019 he landed in Thailand in Chiang Mai to attend the TMC School. Here you learn the art of Thai massage: a thousand-year-old discipline of energy, dance and well-being with notable and immediate benefits on body, mind and spirit.

Enthusiastic about their culture, he wrote and published his first novel: “The elephant on tiptoe”.


It deals with the general well-being of each person, involving them and helping them to listen to themselves, setting in motion the body's "self-healing" process. Each of his treatments is exclusive and targeted: “AD PERSONAM”.


Our Artist listens to people and captures the nuances not visible to the eye. Gently touch their soul, accompanying them in relaxation and well-being. Each time she creates a different work, because she improvises with her hands what her heart suggests.


 Seeing is believing.  Discover our wellness price list

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