Amarone Rituals

Amarone wine is also excellent as a beauty ingredient , not just as a beverage to accompany delicious dishes!
Wine treatment is an ancient practice, the Arabs and Romans already knew the benefits of wine in cosmetic treatments, and in the Renaissance the aristocratic ladies used a must-based mixture to relax the skin and reduce wrinkles.

Polyphenols and vitamin E, that can be found in grapes and vine sap, help to counteract the action of free radicals on the skin. These active ingredients help soothe stress due to sudden changes in temperature and cold inflammation, protecting your skin from pollution and fatigue attacks. The microcirculation is also favored, with a massage performed with gentle and relaxing movements.

Regenerating facial treatment with Amarone    50 minutes    € 60.00

Antistress body massage with Amarone             45 minutes   €  80.00

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