Hotel Saccardi & Spa has as priority the safety of its Guests. For this reason, we have implemented prevention policies against Covid-19.

- Our common areas, thanks to their size, are naturally and continuously ventilated

- All employees wear the mask and sanitize their hands often

- The surfaces are promptly sanitized with special products at each step of the customer



-We disinfect the room's keys every time they are handed over to us

- Clear indications are displayed in the common areas and near the lift area

- Hand sanitizing gel is always available for our guests

- The rooms have always been sanitized with specific products and well ventilated. In order to improve sanitization, after cleaning, we use an ozone machine to sanitize air and surfaces

- The breakfast buffet will be guaranteed in a different way: a protective glass will not allow guests to serve themselves, but one of our waiter will prepare the dishes for you

Hoping to see you soon as our guests, we are working for your safety!